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AP Studio Art Gallery

Student: Arocha Nitichakorn

Score: 5

Arocha has gone on to an Innovative Digital Design degree at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand.  Her AP Studio Art Concentration explored the relationship she has with her brother.

Arocha's Statement

As I am a senior in high school and I am going away for university, this will be the last year to spend quality time with my little brother. I wanted to spend time with him so I could learn more about him and also explore his world through an artist’s eye using different perspectives. For my Concentration, I decided to do portraits of my brother’s energy level and activities while focusing on texture, light effects, and perspective. 

I started with something simple, like showing my brother putting on shoes (#3). However, it still didn’t show what kind of person he is, so I came up with activities that showed his energy; for example, swimming (#1) and riding a bicycle (#12), which gave the most neutral looks and revealed his joy of being outside. Then I played with the light effects that showed contrast on the face (#10, #12), where the darker areas were layered by using blue and orange.  The glow off the iPad (#8) and the light effects in the pool (#1) were challenging but enhanced the compositions.  I also experimented with bird’s eye view to get a new perspective of his body and created depth on the background of the DVD portrait (#6) and answering the door (#11). I challenged myself by using different textures through collage on the swimming pool (#1), the sleeping portrait (#5) and the bicycle (#12).   I also used salt to create rough texture on the closet doors in the iPad portrait (#8). As I went through this Concentration, I also noticed changes in my brother’s appearance. Even though it was just a few months, he grew a lot.  Happily our relationship also grew too.

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