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AP Studio Art Gallery

Student: Yu Wu (Nancy)

Score: 5

Nancy has gone on to a Commercial Design degree at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan.  

I wanted to explore transparency of glass and reflections on common surfaces and objects for my Concentration.  I was hoping to find details that normally may not catch my attention.


At first I tried different types of medium to render my work. I tried using pencil and color pencil, but they did not have the qualities I wanted, so I decided to use watercolor. I focused on how light and shadows highlight transparency on an item. I used objects that are common in everyday life. In the post (#3), the mask and bulbs (#10) and the glass candle cups (#9), I focused on the highlights and shadows that are created in the roundness of the items. I also explored transparency and reflection with liquid with a cup of tea and a metal teapot (#5), glass Coke bottles (#8), and a steel pot of water (#11). In number 6, I focused on the light within the different types of glass, the shadows it created, and the color the objects created in the shadows. I decided to make a detail of this work to highlight the details I found.

Yu Wu's (Nancy's) Statement

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