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AP Studio Art Gallery

Student: Marisa Leong

Score: 5

Marisa's Concentration focused on reflection and transparency.   She utilized her painting skills to create rich compositions that included personal items. 

Marisa's Statement

People normally don’t notice the details of everything they see in life until someone points it out. For me, I didn’t notice the beauty of reflection and transparency until I discovered the work of Janet Fish. Then, I started paying attention to my surroundings and the objects I saw and used in daily life. With this inspiration, I decided to do my Concentration on reflection and transparency of everyday items.


During the first part of my Concentration, I focused on the idea of common things being reflected onto other objects. My Cola cans (#1) are reflecting striped cloth, the duck bank (#2) reflects money and the teapot and silver stained cup (#4) reflects my environment and myself. As I progressed through my first few works of art, I struggled with color. I feel my colors were heavy and didn’t manifest the reflective and transparent qualities I was trying to achieve. In order to lighten the feel of my work, I tried to find areas that had better natural light and objects that could be both transparent and reflective. I also worked on my watercolor painting skills. My progress on color mixing and the control of darkness and lightness shows on the marbles (#11), the multi-colored glass (#12) and the tacks (#10). Each work of art also features bright reflective light in the shadows. Placing focus on things I see everyday but don’t always notice, I rendered my shampoo bottles (#6), the tacks on my desk (#10) and found the unique reflective and transparent qualities in our house hold lily pad bowl (#8). The lily pad (#8), which we have had in our house for ages, shows the wobbly transparent quality of the water and the reflection of the sky. I decided that the surface manipulation within this work was best served by a detail (#9). 

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