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Student: Tu, Yi Ting

Score: 5

Yi Ting has gone on to a degree in Fashion at the Otis College of Art and Design in the United States.  Her AP Studio Art portfolio plays with different textures and shows a lot of experimentation.

Yi Ting's Statement

Now a days we consume so much processed food without realizing it. With the current focus on healthy eating, I began to wonder how much junk food my family and I were consuming. I decided to use my Concentration to explore how much processed/instant food we consume while experimenting with reflective surfaces, textures and different perspectives.


Eating healthy has been a hot topic but it’s not easy to eat healthy when packaged food is easy to get. In my Concentration I show how processed/instant food is apart of my daily life and how much we, as a family, actually consume. I used perspective with delivered food in bird’s eye view in #1 (pizza) and #2 (McDonald’s). I added newspaper for texture in #1 (pizza), #11 (oranges) & #12 (M&M’s) to create more complexity and emotive qualities. For image #4 (salmon) & #7 (donuts) I focused on putting details on the food to enhance the texture and color. A detail of the donuts can be seen in #8. Images #6-12 are a series of sweets. I explored reflections and light effects on the packaging, like the dented soda cans (#9). I included a detail of these light effects and reflections in #10. I also played with the glossy packaging and M&M’s shells by leaving highlights (#12). The cooking pot (#5) has a reflective surface and I put reflections of the Campbell’s soup cans onto the pot. In #3 the kitchen counter also has a reflective surface and I played with the folds on the ramen noodle’s packaging.  During the process I have noticed how much unhealthy processed food I consume.  I’ve also learned how to manipulate different surfaces on different objects like the folds of the packaging and the textures on food. 

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