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AP Studio Art Gallery

Student: Yu Wen Chen  (Alice)

Score: 5

Alice has gone on to a Commerical Design degree at Ming Chuan University.  Her AP Studio Art portfolio has explorations that high light her painting abilities.

I have always been fascinated by the shape, texture and beauty of shoes. I think shoes are important because we live our daily lives in them. I decided to explore different textures and lighting effects on shoes, as well as people’s interactions with shoes in different perspectives.​​


At first I started with shoes only and created some still life compositions. Then I decided to experiment and I used worms eye perspective to have a close up of the texture of the shoe treads, because in my current country it is highly disrespectful to show someone the bottom of your foot. Despite this, I wanted to highlight the texture of the shoe treads as they are so interesting, as seen in images #3 (the sandals), #9 (the lady at the counter), and #10 (the girl in P.E). I also explored adding people’s interactions with shoes in different perspectives. I played on perspective by using foreshortening in #8 (the beach boy), #9 (the lady at the counter), and #10 (the girl in P.E.). I also played with light effects. In image #1, I emphasized reflective light from the sequence that created a dumpy texture on the shoes. There are some reflections on the floor, in images #12 (the classroom feet) and #4 (the spotty shoes). 

Yu Wen Chen's Statement

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